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Seeking Peace

One of the reasons (really the only reason) that I have been loyal to yoga for so many years is all about a feeling.  When I started doing yoga on a mat in my living room, it didn’t take me long to notice that the person I was on the mat, and for a period after, was the person I wanted to be all the time.  It was a feeling that I wanted all the time.


It started with a book (Steve Ross’ Happy Yoga) that told me that there were ways to live yoga. I began to wrap my head around the idea that yoga wasn’t just the poses. It was an idea. A lifestyle.  I am still practicing a searching for ways to find that feeling off my mat.


This is what motivates me to host a retreat.  When I went to Tulum, Mexico with Amazing Yoga in 2012, it introduced me to what immersion really means.  Leaving my mat and not walking back into the real world gave me the opportunity to really do some work on myself.  My practice felt deeper, my body felt lighter, my head clearer. I had lots of time to be quiet (something I can never get enough of) and when that happened, when I was given that gift, there was a shift in me.  


This is what I want for you. The time and the space and the quiet to see who you really are. And accept that person.  Or find out who it is you’re supposed to be, and be that person.  This experience is a daydream unless you decide to make it your life.

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My mission it to make a student feel like they are the only one in the room. To plant a seed that grows into a movement. A movement that takes their daydreams to real life.