{three-part breath}

Taking a moment to breath before we let anxiety or stress fill us up is a simple concept. Why is it so hard to remember when we need it the most? 

The holidays are MY FAVORITE time. A day filled with Christmas-Time is a day worth living. I know everyone doesn't feel that way. And adding family to anything can make things way more tense. Add money to that? I get it, this time can be rough for some.  

Heres the thing though, this holiday season will be exactly what YOU make it.  Don't want to feel stress over the cost of buying presents? DONT BUY THEM. Its only about presents if you make it.  Or hop on to pinterest and youll find something amazing to make yourself that can fit in your budget. Don't want to have anxiety over the petty childish remarks your mother is going to make at Christmas dinner? Don't invite her! I know, thats not easy, I can't do that one either. But I can drastically lower my expectations of how she will behave. Or,make a list of the rediculous things you'll be certian she will do or say, put it on a bingo card, and challange your husband or brother to a game. 

When you feel these things get the best of you, stop. Go to the bathroom. breathe.

Deep Abdominal Breathing

Sanskrit name: Dirga Swasam

Pronunciation: DEER-ga swha-SAHM

Three-Part Breath.  Sit in a comfortable seat if possible. Breathe in filling up your belly, then your ribs, then your chest. Pause. Exhale first emptying your chest, then ribs, then belly. Pause. Repeat.

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