Happy New Year!

Setting and intention instead of a resolution?

What would this year look like if you set and intention instead of a resolution. Resolutions are great if you follow through with them. There isn’t a high success rate with that in general so don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t always followed through with yours. 

Setting an intention for your year, is the same as setting one for your day, or for your yoga practice. It’s a focus. A word/words that bring us back when we lose our focus. When we lose our breath.

Instead of setting a resolution to lose weight, how about and intention to “Be Kind”. Spend the year being kind to your body. Some days that can mean giving it great healthful foods and a workout to make your heart stronger, and maybe somedays it’s to be kind to yourself when you miss a workout or eat another dessert.


 A resolution to get a new job can be an intention to “Be Brave”. Brave enough to try new things, to take a risk, to be brave enough to make one small step towards the job of your dreams.

Need help turning your resolution in to an intention? Let me know! I would be happy to offer some suggestions!   My intention to start the year (and it may change if it no longer suits your life) is “Go Slow”. To take each day, each experience for what it’s worth and don’t get too far ahead of myself that I miss what’s right here in front of me.

For most of last year it was to “Be Brave”, still is sometimes.   And I was, on my yoga mat, in my professional life, and personal life too. And I couldn’t be happier at this time in my life.   I read somewhere to make your intention into a hashtag, and I love that!  So do some thinking, set that intention and make your 2016 hashtag!


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