Nica Retreat/day 3

Nica Retreat Day Three- April 10th

We all meet in the studio for our first practice all together at 7:00 am led by Dallas. Just the most incredible moments rising up on your mat to that view. Breakfast together gives us a chance to get to know each other a little (we had a Facebook group and got the chance to Facebook creep each other before we got there). We part ways and everyone goes off to explore. Dallas and I head to the rock again for some more exploring. Every time you go out there you can go a different direction and see something new. We found all of these little pools of water in the rocks. Black spiky sea anemones deposited in holes all over the place. We make some yoga picture attempts but its so windy its like a sport.

There is a little shop off the entrance that India said was new and we check it out, it has Magnific rock shirts, hats, tanks, stickers, and a few toiletries. There are no stores there or close to purchase anything you've forgotten(thanks again to J for buying me a toothbrush at the airport. Everything gets put on a tab here. You start one when you check in. Anything you purchase - clothing, food, smoothie, massage- goes on your bill to be settled at the end. the remove all of the items that are included in your retreat package before you pay on your last night. Unless you go on an excursion, you don't need your money so locking your items up in the safe in the main building is the smartest thing to do. Just like when I stay in Vegas, there are locks on the doors, but travelers are vulnerable to theft since we carry larger amounts of cash on us than normal, so I put my things in the safe there too.

We meet India from Papaya Wellness at lunch and set our plans for our surf lesson. We meet up and pick up boards and walk them down to the beach. We sit on the beach for a while talking as she watches the surf and then we draw boards in the sand and practice paddling and popping up. we break in to two groups and each have time in the water to paddle, sit, chill, and try to catch a wave. By the time my group goes out we its calm enough that we don't get a chance to try to get up and I am relieved because I didn't want to!! I was happy to be out there and I had Dallas take a badass picture of me walking with the board and posted it on Instagram like I was a pro. Nobody needs to know. Plans are made for lesson #2 on Tuesday.

Our second practice (teaching here is amazing) and we meet back at dinner. I have found that showering before bed (water is never hot and barely warm) and then using peppermint oil (Pranayama from Stinky Yogi was part of our welcome gifts to the girls and I brought my own) made me nice and cool and combined with the breeze leaves me cool and easy to sleep. Well that and watching the X Files.

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