Nicauragua Retreat/Day One

Nicauragua Retreat Day One - April 8th .

Got up on time but took way to long getting ready and had to bust a move to the airport. Found out that for a mere $31.00 you can upgrade to priority and get in a security line that is nearly empty.

Two easy flights and getting in to the Managua Airport is even easier. Customs quickly checked my paperwork was set when I got off the plane. Several open lanes to get through and pay my $10 entrance fee and I am on my way. The airportĀ is bigger than I expected but finding your way around is easy. My bag didn't make it - I had a 2 hour delay in Cleveland and got to my connecting flight in Miami as it was boarding so I should have expected this. Counter with agent is right there, she takes my info and assures me my bag will arrive by 8am tomorrow. I get my bags scanned and around the corner is my driver holding a Papaya Wellness sign with my name and my BFF Dallas.

Drive from airport to Magnific rock was over 2 hours. Car was new and air conditioned, driver drove fast, and we got to see a lot along the way. A lot of animals and a good view of the way that the local people live. As we get closer, there are a lot of turns, and lot of dirt roads, and then we are there. A sign for Magnific rock and then a climb up a long dirt road leaves me feeling a little panicked that we got scammed and then boom. Pacific Ocean for as far as we can see.

We check in with the desk and discuss rooms. We decide to get dinner in the restaurant and decide how we want to get situated. The view from dinner and the food is a promising start to the trip! There is a cat. The coke zero tastes different (am I imagining it?). We get settled in out room for the rest of the evening. its been shut up so its stuffy and warm, but after the windows are open for a while it starts to cool off. The view is amazing. We are in the "penthouse" right off of the yoga studio that is perched on top of the building. The entire front of the studio is open. the studio has tile and hard wood, mats and props, free water, and fridge, and a speaker. Its all very rustic and its all beautiful!!

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