Magnific Rock/ day 6

Day 6 - April 13th

After our 7:00 am yoga practice, we head to breakfast.  Each day breakfast is laid out for us at a reserved table that overlooks magnific rock and the ocean.  The chef has chatted with us several times and takes a lot of pride in the things he has created for yoga retreats that are hosted at Magnific Rock.   There is always local fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, and hoemade granola.  Rice and beans and some vegetables are served along with some sort of bread (homeade bread, breakfast cookies, tortillas, etc), and your eggs are made to order. There are some amazing sauces brought to the table too. For me, this is the best meal of the day. I wish could have the same for lunch and dinner! That being said, the other meals are pretty amazing too. always a vegetarian dish for both and at dinner you can request fish or chicken with your meal.

We hosted our main workshop today. Dallas led all of us in a Higher Self Meditation class. There really isnt a way that I could describe this for anyone. It was very powerful and something that I will carry with me. (*almost 3 months later, I still practice this meditation).  Another new experience for me was a Yin class.  I learned a lot about myslef in that class, and it put my yoga ego in check too. I have never sturggled in a practice before. I didnt htink it was possible for me to be so uncomfortable on my yoga mat. Mentally uncomfotable. By the end, I cant say it got a lot easier or more comfortable but I have never experinced a savasana like that one before. I litteraly struggled to bring my awareness back in to leave the pose. Powerful stuff!!

I had my massage that was included with our retreat package* today. Talk about powerful. She set up the table in our room and before I hopped on the table, she asked if I wanted hard or soft. After I said hard and laid face down, I swear I could feel her climbing up on the table. And thats exactly what she did. 

In luie of yoga tonight, Carly and her husband came to pick us up for the hot springs tour. It wasnt very far from MAgnific Rock. The community is very poor where we are at. it isnt someting you can see from where we are at, but you can see it when you drive in from the airport.  The local families worked together, with some assisstance, to build this "park".  There is a concrete basin built aroudn the mnatural hot spring which fills it and then sfunnels through PVCNpipes to 4 other basins. 3 of them are small with metal washboards for laundry. The other is larger and is for people to sit in. We chilled there for a little bit and had a local beer (TECA?) and returned for dinner.


*There are many retreats to go on, in beautiful places, with amazing people, and highly qualified teachers. they are all comparable in cost, but you'll have a difficult time finding one that includeds transportation to/from airport, hot springs trip, daily smoothies, workshops, welcome gifts, surf lessons,and a massage. 

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