Magnific Rock/Day 7 and Goodbye!

Day 7- April 14th

Our last day together. I never felt like the trip was going too fast. but now that today is here, I cant believe its over!  After our usual morning yoga, breakfast, beach routine, a few of the girls took a trip into town for the day. the rest of us took some quite time - I went to the beach for a while. We had some time for some one on one conversations today, and that was really nice.

We took a walk right before sunset to the beach for a final meditation practice and to take some obligitory yoga prictures in some differnt spots on the beach.  Our final class felt so amazing. the sun set so it was dark except for the light from the moon and the light that they shine on the rock at night.  Dallas and I did aromatouch hand massages during an extra long savasana before closing out our final class. 

Tonight, they hosted dinner at the pool for us. a large table set with champagne and appatizers, and incredible emal and a variety of desserts. the staff took time to come down to talk with us throughout the meal and to say goodbye. It really couldnt have been more perfect. 


Day 8 - Adios Nicaragua!

We were up very early to travel to the airport. Scott was sure there was coffee for us before we went and packed us a each a to-go box with fruit, granola, and some other goodies to take on the road with us.   We hung out together for a little bit, did some souvenir shopping (a tiny guitar for Grayson of course) and everyone headed home. I was the last to leave.  

The trip was so incredible it is difficult for me to really describe it. it exceeded every expectation I had.  We just rolled our deposit over to schedule another trip for next year.  I can’t wait to go back! (and take you with me!!) 

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