Magnific Rock/day 4

Day 4- April 11th
This morning’s 7am practice was great-it’s such an indescribable experience to rise up to this view. They are tuned in to our routine and have coffee ready for us at 6:30 now. Breakfast just keeps getting better. And it seems to be getting bigger. Today we had these little breakfast cookies that were awesome- on top of fresh fruit, granola, eggs, vegetables and potatoes, homemade bread, jam, granola…

Magnific Rock/ day 5

Day 5 – April 12th
a.m. practice was hard. I think we are spent from yesterday. Surf lesson after breakfast today, I skipped out. Went to the beach and out on to the rocks. Sitting out there feeling super zen and saw some crabs, heard something behind me- thought it was a crab- it was a dog!   He hiked out there and chilled with me for a while. We walked over to see the girls surfing and walked back with them. He abandoned me for some surfers.
Appreciated the time alone and was ready to teach. 

  I think teaching here is even better than practicing.  


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My mission it to make a student feel like they are the only one in the room. To plant a seed that grows into a movement. A movement that takes their daydreams to real life.