{law of attraction baby}

Welcome summer!! Make a pledge to a positive summer season and work on stopping the amount of negativity we share with each other.   Recently I was chatting with a friend about how terrible I am at small talk. Chit chat isn't my strength. But get me in a topic I feel negative about? I can talk for hoursssssss. Seriously (ask me about transgender bathrooms or putting kids in timeout and you'll have to kill me to get me to stop talking).   

{fix your vibe with your tribe}

Fix your vibe with your tribe @ yogaErie LLC .6:00pm every Wednesday! 

When you ride the emotional roller coaster of extreme mood swings, your vibe is going to feel off to the people around you. You become a mixed bag of emotions, and this inconsistency brings down your vibrations.

How to reverse it: Use your fingers to gently tap the middle of your chest. While you are tapping, say to yourself, “All is well.” This will boost and restore your positive energy.


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Warriors in the Outfield 2016

Get ready to take the field at Jerry Uht Park and help support our local veterans all while doing something that you love – YOGA!

Join Jill Crawford Murphey from yogaErie and Heather Celio from Heather Celio Yoga for a 75 minute powerful vinyasa flow class. Take in the fresh air of the outfield and fully commit to your practice all while enjoying the sites and sounds of the outdoors.

Join us for a social hour afterwards where you can hydrate and relax before starting your afternoon.

$30 per participant and includes event t-shirt.


About Us

My mission it to make a student feel like they are the only one in the room. To plant a seed that grows into a movement. A movement that takes their daydreams to real life.