Popoyo Retreat News {1}

You are about to join Heather Celio and Melanie Taylor at Magnific Rock in Popoyo, Nicaragua. This retreat is a chance to not check OUT but of truly checking IN.

Its going to be life changing!  

Here it is! a month away from our Retreat! I couldn't be more excited to take this adventure with you!

{quite the nudge}

{quite the nudge}


send a little peace and love out there today.


sit quietly and follow the breath. breathe in peace, love, and forgiveness for yourself.


bless yourself and all you may be personally blaming.


move on to those you love, sending them peace, love, and forgiveness.


next to those you have trouble with.


and last to the the world!


-taken from Tosha Silvers OUTRAGEOUS OPENNESS




The sixth limb of yoga is concentration. Assuming you've worked your way through the first five limbs already, then you have a nice clear head to move onto this new goal. Focus your attention on a single point and you can still the mind, preparing yourself for meditation.


Think of this limb as your "be here now". Use your concentration to stay present in the moment.


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My mission it to make a student feel like they are the only one in the room. To plant a seed that grows into a movement. A movement that takes their daydreams to real life.