{upward facing dog}

{upward facing dog}

From chatarunga, we flip the feet and find an arch. Pressing tops of feet and hands into the mat, we lift the body. Pulling shoulders back to open and spread the collarbones. Shoulders safely over wrists and gaze lifted. 

This pose either feels uncomfortable and a little scary on the low back, or light and open. Check out this great article from Yoga Gypsy for tips on your updog!



click below for soem great tips from Yoga Gypsy:

Tidying up really IS magical!

I received Marie Kondo’s book, THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP, for Christmas and devoured it.  I can hardly wait for my next weekend alone to empty my closets and get started! And If it brings more money into my life all the better!!!

*update: my closets and drawers are more amazing than I could have imagined. I have a plan for every drawer and cupboard in the house. It absolutely has edited my shopping and showed me what style/color/fabric I actually like so that I can shop smarter. 


Check out this article below about the Konmarti method!



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