{upward facing dog}

{upward facing dog}

From chatarunga, we flip the feet and find an arch. Pressing tops of feet and hands into the mat, we lift the body. Pulling shoulders back to open and spread the collarbones. Shoulders safely over wrists and gaze lifted. 

This pose either feels uncomfortable and a little scary on the low back, or light and open. Check out this great article from Yoga Gypsy for tips on your updog!



click below for soem great tips from Yoga Gypsy:

Down Dog!

Let's get his down dog down. We come to this pose so many times during our practice it's easy to just do it without thought. And sometimes, that's the beauty of it.
And sometimes, it feels great to put some time into it.  Check out this yoga journal tutorial and come see me Wednesday nights at yogaErie. I'm happy to pay some attention to your down dog!