The second of the Yamas is Satya/Truthfulness.

Being truthful is about more than just not lying. 

It isnt easy to look at yourself closely and own up to your own limitations.  The limitations that can lead to dishonest behaviors.  When someone says something that upsets you, notice your reaction.  Recognize how you really feel vs how you react.  Do your best to not gossip, manipulate, or cheat.   Being honest is the goal, but practice ahimsa when telling the truth. 



Our first Yama is Ahimsa/Nonharming.

A great start to living your yoga is ahimsa. Living a life of nonviolence means you resist participation in physical and verbal abuse of others, or yourself.

Holding yourself to an unrealistic standard and striving for perfection are forms of self abuse.

Try a little and choose compassion today. First for yourself and then for others.