{ishvara pranidhana}

{ishvara pranidhana}

The last of our five Niyamas, our second limb of yoga, means surrender. This can mean surrendering yo your divinity- God, nature, the present moment – whatever it means to you.

Release attachments to outcomes, release yourself release yourself from judgements, expectations, your ego.
Surrender to the idea that there is something bigger than yourself. You are exactly where you were meant to be and everything is working out.

Choose the Biggest Life

{set your intention}

In a podcast I was listening to earlier in the week, she suggested that when you are making a decision, choose the biggest life. She was actually trying to decide whether to get a dog for her family, but the point was solid for any decision we are trying to make. Big or small,take steps everyday that take you closer to the life you want to live.

I suggest you use this as your intention for a few days and see how it fits.

Choose the biggest life