{humble warrior}

{humble warrior}

one of my favorites! 

Start in warrior one and check in on your front knee- making sure it's directly over the ankle and pointing straight ahead (can you see your big toe?).

Interlace your fingers behind your back. Push your hands towards the mat finding an arch and then on an exhale bow forward. You can keep hands at your tail or extend them for a strong heart opener.

Drop the head and gaze at the back foot.

The view from here.

Seeking Peace

One of the reasons (really the only reason) that I have been loyal to yoga for so many years is all about a feeling.  When I started doing yoga on a mat in my living room, it didn’t take me long to notice that the person I was on the mat, and for a period after, was the person I wanted to be all the time.  It was a feeling that I wanted all the time.


The Power of Positive Thinking

You get what you give. That is the truth right there.   I wouldn't classify myself as a negative person but there is something I am guilty of.  REALLY guilty. 

Jumping to conclusions. 

I often create a defense for what I predict someone elses negative reaction will be.  I construct the conversation, the defense, the reaction, why I think that person is the worst, and on and on.  The truth is that it rarely goes that way. And even though it went fine, I still had a negative experience because of the time I put in to jumping to conclusions. 

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We're Getting Somewhere!

After a month or so of working on my calves and hamstrings, I am excited to see some improvement in my forward fold! I still have some work to do. I have to be very deliberate in straightening my legs in folds and down dog.   I am having a hard time (always have had) straightneing my leg in bird of paradise. I feel open in the hips and the bind but once I roll up there, lengthening my leg feels like Im trying to straighten the kinks out of a metal hanger. Maybe this is strentgh needed and not a hamstring issue, but thats my finish line in this hamstring training. 

Don't Overthink

It took me a long time to find that if I adjust my expectations I find a lot more joy.

My flight got re-routed yesterday morning and I ended up getting to spend time with someone I wanted to know better. Instead of worrying about how late I would arrive and how much I would miss, I enjoyed my time and arrived in Vegas a few minutes before my original flight.